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Another Top Ten OTP K-Dramas, part 2

So here it is! Part two of some of the most romantic, exciting and emotional OTPs of the K-drama universe! I had a lot of fun remembering how much I enjoyed these couples.

5. Sol Kong-Chan & Joo Yoo-Rin (My Girl)
An oldie but a goodie. From 2005, the drama visually shows its 10 year age, but the story and lovable characters remain timeless. Yoo-Rin spends most of her life lying – to get jobs or whatever she wants. Kong-Chan just wants his grandfather to be happy and healthy. So when he becomes ill while still desperately searching for his lost grandchild, Kong-Chan decides to hire Yoo-Rin to pretend to be his long-lost cousin. When Kong-Chan and Yoo-Rin start falling for each other, they might have some big problems.
A favorite OTP scene: Kong-Chan finds Yoo-Rin wandering the street tipsy and tells her he’s been looking for her. She’s mad at him and he tells her to go ahead and take her anger out at him. She takes that literally and tries to hit him but only swings herself around an…

Another Top Ten OTP K-Dramas List

So Wednesday came and went with the wind. Honestly, I so lost track of time that when I finally realized it was my blog post day, I was about to head to bed and my article was still in the drafts stage. So a day late, but still it’s here. My motto is: bloggers never give up!!
                In my last Top Ten OTPs I mentioned my dilemma of how many amazing couples I couldn’t even fit in that top ten. So here are more wonderful OTP couples. My rating system might be somewhat biased (I mean I may enjoy a stupid drama couple over a smarter drama couple just because I’m a stupid fan, lol) and perhaps even subconsciously I truly like couple  number 7 more than 5 (I mean I had to number them, but let me tell you it’s really hard to say this one is eighth on the list when I feel like it could be higher, but I don’t know and – you see where this is going). Let the listing begin!
10.  Lee So-Young & Choi Jin-Wook (Baby-Faced Beauty) This drama wasn’t groundbreaking in story or romance in a…

Silver Petticoat Review: K-drama The Princess’ Man

I just joined the group of lovely ladies writing for the Silver Petticoat blog! It's a wonderful blog dedicated to Old-Fashioned romance and has reviews, lists, recaps, romantic moments of the week, and so much more. Check out the The Princess' Man Review on Silver Petticoat!

Six Awesome Characters in a Forgettable Drama

So life (and work, and NANOWRIMO and everything, lol!) happened and I missed my Wednesday post on my blog. :(  I’m going to work on balancing everything so that I’ve prepared by Wednesdays. It’s sort of a learning curve, but I’m certain it’ll work out. While thinking of what to post about, I realized there are so many good characters I like from meager or disappointing dramas that I didn’t like. So why not make a list?? Because I love lists! Here’s seven of the most memorable for me:
6. Kim Kyung-Tak (Dr. Jin/Time-Slip Dr. Jin
K-Idol Kim Jae-Joong played Magistrate Kim Kyung-Tak in his first saguek Dr. Jin. This show was every kind of terrible with erratic pacing, a crazy storyline, so many plot holes it hurts, and main characters that you couldn’t care less about. Surprisingly, the show had a lot of strong supporting characters that kept me watching (at least for a while, I eventually read recaps to keep up with it, lol). I really feel like the poor tortured soul Kyung…

Protect the Boss

Protect the Boss Type: Korean Drama Year: 2011 Where to Watch:Dramafever, Hulu My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
                A down-on-her-luck woman, No Eun-Sul, just needs a job to get by. She applies for a secretary job at a prestigious company and to her surprise – she gets the job! She starts working as the secretary for the very paranoid Cha Ji-Hun who doesn’t like her and tries to get her to quit. Eun-Sol’s tough stuff and has no intentions of giving up this job she finally landed. Then Cha Ji-Hun decides he’s in love with her… what’s a secretary to do now?
                This 2011 rom-com flew under the radar but struck a big chord with me. I’ve watched it twice (yes, the whole way through) and loved it for its zany, sometimes hilarious, antics and cute story. Protect the Boss is what I’d call a soft spoof of office K-dramas. So many of the tropes that are usually found in office or romance K-dramas are twisted or flipped on their head in this drama.
                No Eun-Sul is your …