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16 Favorite/Best Sword-Fights Ever!

Martial arts drenched, boss-fighting sword duels? Yes, please!Even as a kid, I loved a good sword-fight. I watched swashbuckling adventures like Errol Flynn’s Adventures of Robin Hood countless times, cheering on Robin Hood as he dueled the evil Sir Guy of Gisborne. As I grew older, I loved watching action stars like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (side note: if you haven’t seen The Green Hornet TV show, go watch it now!) who made stylized fighting an art-form on screen. These are so many favorite sword duels that don’t fail to excite me! So here they are!
16 Favorite/Best Sword-Fights Ever!
(in no particular order)
(warning, there be spoilers here)

#1 Rurouni Kenshin Scene: Kenshin vs Jin’e Why: So this list could easily become an entire Rurouni Kenshin fight line-up because with 3 films, I LOVE every single fight in the films!! However, I’ve decided to be strong (it’s a struggle, let me tell you) and choose only a few from the movies. This is the final climatic sword fight in the first film…

Silver Petticoat Review: K-drama Arang and the Magistrate

Every now and then I come across a K-drama gem. Arang and the Magistrate made me fall in love despite it being a type of show I don't usually watch (ghost stories). But this is so much more than a ghost story, but a enthralling fantasy/fairy-tale and emotional, romantic journey of two star-crossed lovers. I had the pleasure of writing this review forThe Silver Petticoat Review.
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K-Movie Marital Harmony and Lee Seung Gi

It's that time again as another K-actor, Lee Seung-Gi, leaves for the South Korean army for his two-year mandatory service. This is when we fans fondly reminisce over the departing actor's best roles and dramas, knowing will be happy to see them again when they return in two years.

Though I've always liked Seung-Gi, it wasn't until I looked at his filmography that I realized how many dramas I'd seen him in. So of course after taking a trip down memory lane I decided to blog about it!

#1 Brilliant Legacy, 2009
One of the earlier K-dramas I watched, it took a Cinderella story and gave it a modern, K-drama spin. It was a bit on the melodramatic, angsty side but I enjoyed the story and Seung-Gi who played a bratty rich-boy who learns humility and gets the girl along the way.

#2 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, 2010
This is my favorite of Lee Seung-Gi's roles. He's seriously adorbs despite being a cowardly, selfish college kid whose terrified of the mythical gumiho gir…

16 Favorite Superhero OTPs, Part 2:

Back with part two of my favorite superhero OTPs! Again most of these OTPs started as I watched the ‘90s cartoons as a kid and then the movie franchises came along. After all these years, I’m still a big superhero geek and I love the characters as well as the couples. Here’s a look at the last eight of my favorite superhero OTPs!

8. Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak
Okay, I wanted this couple so bad. I watched two seasons hoping they’d get together. I have to admit that when I realized they weren’t immediately getting together in the third season (especially after seeing the finale of the second season) I was super disappointed. I watched for a while until I became tired of other aspects of the shows (the repetitive nature, indecisiveness of characters, people who kept dying… *cough* Sara *cough* etc). I finally quit the show but still was happy when I learned this couple finally got together. Felicity Smoak is awesome-sauce! Smart, funny, silly and adorable, she has a strong presence on…