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Challnge: Day 18 – Favorite Live Action version of an Anime/Manga

I’ve only seen one live action adaptation of an anime/manga but it’s the best ever and I’m totally willing to stand by that!! Rurouni Kenshin, an extremely popular manga/anime series, had three successful live-action films and recently reached my top ten list of favorite films.
The story revolves around a former samurai, who has made a vow not to kill anymore (after fighting in a civil war in Japan in the 1800s), yet must fight those who are threatening his friends and the peace of Japan.
I’m just going to be brief for this challenge question and hint at my love of it with a few pictures and five short reasons why I love these films –
#1 Sato Takeru (plays the hero Kenshin)
#2 the “reverse-blade” sword that is purposely dull so not to kill
#3 18th century Japan!!
#4 period costumes!!
(my review for the movie is coming soon, hehe)

Challenge: Day 17 – Least Favorite Drama

I usually try and forget those pesky “least favorite” dramas. Like permanently erase them from my memories with secret alien technology I commandeered from Area 51. After looking through an extensive list of dramas (many thanks toMyDramaList) I suddenly remembered a drama I hadn't thought of in a long time. Take Care of the Young Lady (or My Fair Lady) – a drama I watched very early on when I first started watching K-dramas. I actually finished the whole thing (I never would’ve done that today, lol). The story is about a guy in debt who becomes a bratty rich girl's butler.

I can’t remember much else except that it was a very disjointed story that was soooo boring, the leads had no chemistry, the heroine was soooo boring, and everything about it was blah and disconnected. I think it started out better… I remember liking moments (what were those moments though…). I also remember that by the end of the show I was more interested in seeing if the second leads liked each other tha…

Challenge: Day 16 – Drama cliché that you wish would stop

Oh man, there are quite a few clichés I’d like to end, with a quick and painless death. Lol. Here are just a few that I’d like to be toned down and/or approached differently.

#1 Hero will tell heroine’s potential boyfriend to give her up… but doesn’t talk to the girl himself. I usually try and let it go (starts singing Frozen song), but what really irks me is when the hero does this in FRONT of the girl. Like, she’s right there; go talk to her! This happened quite a few times in My Secret Hotel which forced some involuntary cringing and head-banging from me.

#2 The second lead is a gentleman from heaven and the love interest is an entitled loser who changes at the last second... uh he does change right?To clarify, I don’t have a problem with a bad boy or rude selfish Mr. Darcy-type character. However, Mr. Darcy changes! (I know. Shocking, hehe). He realizes he’s been mean, acknowledges his behavior, and changes it. But a lot of these heroes’ act like jerks to the very end while rarely …

Challenge: Day 15 – Drama with the Best Cinematography

At the halfway mark already! This is a great question. I chose the ones that immediately came to mind.
These dramas all have a lot in common as they're all fusion sagueks (fictitious historical dramas) filled with stunning scenery, gorgeous costumes and just beautiful shots. Some of my favorite scenes for their gorgeous visuals are the river scene in Joseon Gunman when Lee Jun-Ki's character is parting from his lover, the giant swing scene in The Princess' Man, and the gorgeous mountains in Arang and the Magistrate when Arang's character washes up on the shore from almost drowning.

Challenge: Day 14 – Drama that Never Gets Old

A drama that never gets old to me is one with an irresistible re-watchable quality. One that I not only can re-watch but want to re-watch.

I have watched Queen Seondeokso many times. Almost as soon as I had finished the drama, I watched it over with my sister. And re-watched it myself, lol. I guess I’m just a sucker for boss princesses and loyal bodyguards. And Kim Nam-Gil as a tortured warrior.

My second choice would be Protect the Boss. It’s very rare that I re-watch an entire drama over again; but I have seen this one all the way through twice. And loved it just as much the second time around.

Challenge: Day 13 – Character You Are Most Similar To

As soon as I saw Hong Seol in Cheese in the Trap, I understood her right away with all her similarities to myself. A very quiet, introverted girl, she’d rather keep her feelings and emotions to herself, even to her own detriment at times. She’s very compassionate and sensitive to others. She wants to get along with others and tries to see other people’s perspectives, though at times she fails at this (like we all do). I also love her fashion sense which is just casual and adorable, though I can’t say I always dress the same as I usually opt out for pure comfort – which would be jeans and big T-shirts.

I really love her character in CITT especially her growth as the drama has progressed. She’s so easy to root for as the heroine. I really just want her character to be happy by the end (the drama is still airing), so hopefully the CITT writers continue to deliver!

That Romantic Moment! Series: Carry the Girl

So, I’m starting a fun little series called That Romantic Moment where I choose a favorite romantic gesture or action and choose moments from shows/films I've watched. This one is called Carry the Girl (probably self-explanatory, hehe). I think I find it so sweet and endearing as there's never a reason for it to happen in real life. It can also be dramatic – carrying the injured girl and all that romantic whatnot. And good drama never hurt anything, am I right?
That Romantic Moment! Series: Carry the Girl
La Belle Et La Bete
Just let me swoon in your arms.
Strange Hero Yi Mei Zhi Carrying the bride... except she's not your bride

Arang and the Magistrate My heart seems to be in demand
Thor 2 Now this is what Norse gods are good for.

Faith Time-travelling can really take it out of a girl.
King2Hearts "Why won't you look at me?"
My Princess Hold onto the shoes, girl!
Frozen "Will you be okay, Kristoff?"
Disney Snow White
And they lived happily ever after.

Veer-Zaara It…

Teaser Tuesday

Today I'm joining inTeaser Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by MizB of A Daily Rhythm.

The rules are simple and anyone can join in! To do so, just:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• Be careful not to include spoilers.
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teaser:

"Witnessing Lafyaette blatantly botch a dance with Marie Antoinette at one of her swanky balls, Segur winced that Lafayette 'proved so clumsy and so awkward that the queen laughed at him.' According to Lafayette, 'My awkward country manners - and a certain self-respect - made it impossible for me to adapt entirely to the required graces of the court.' "

As a huge history lover of the American Revolution, I have always been taken with the story of the Marquis de Lafayette. It's been a while since I've read a biography bo…

Top Ten Tuesday!

Yay! Another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This is one of those questions that makes you realize something about yourself. I don’t veer off the beaten path very often. Looking over what I remember reading last “yearish” (with the help of Goodreads) I really just read books by authors that I knew and trusted. Honestly, the last couple years I’ve read a lot more than in the past. Somewhere along the way from voracious reading as a teen to sporadic reading as an adult, I had trouble finding books that could hold my interest. Two things helped – book blogs and reading books by authors that I knew I was guaranteed to love their work. Still, this year I want to break out and start reading new things along with trusted favorites!
Five Books that I Enjoyed Recently That Weren’t My Typical Type of Book

#1 A Tiger by the Tail and Other Stories from the Heart of Korea by Linda Soon Curry Despite being a huge lover of fairy tales, I've never really sought out to read the…

Challenge: Day 12 – Drama That You’re Ashamed of Liking

This question makes me laugh every time I read it! I can't help but imagine a person hiding in a corner, nodding her head with a reluctant yes, I like that pathetic dramabut I will NEVER tell!

I think I’d have to choose The Birth of the Rich for this one. I’m not going to say I loved the drama because I didn’t. But I did enjoy parts of it despite its ridiculous soap operatic writing that bordered on inane at times.
The story is about Choi Suk-Bong who knows that he’s the son of one-night-stand of a rich dude and his mom and he’s out to find his rich dude dad since his mom died. There are at least three rich chaebols (business CEOs) who he thinks are potentially his dad. There’s also a girl who is a daughter of a chaebol and of course they end up working together and falling in love.
The birth daddy reveal went on literally forever in this show. So many bizarre things happened to Suk-Bong he could probably write a best-seller about all the crazy shenanigans in his life. So many cl…