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And Even More Top Ten Couples!

It’s back! Another Top Ten OTPs from K-dramas! I know, I know. It’s crazy to have this many favorite OTPs. Or… maybe not! Because having too many OTPs is like having too much clothes. There’s no such thing. Though my closet wouldn’t know personally… and my bank account thanks me for that as well. Check out My Top Ten Part 1& Part2and Another Top Ten Part 1& Part 2for the original OTP posts.

Again, I must admit that my rating system is unashamedly biased. I may like a silly couple from a stupid drama better than a wondrous couple from an ah-mah-zing drama just cause I’m that way (read: crazy). Let the fun begin!
And Even More Top Ten K-Drama Couples!  (Part 1)
10.Na Ae-Ra & Cha Jung-Woo (Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again)                 Not sure why but I really like stories of divorced couples getting back together. I think it’s really the idea that circumstances/whatever has separated them but they can’t get over their love for one another – which makes a great roma…

Recap ~ Green Hornet,"The Preying Mantis"

Yay!! Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathonis here! Hosted by Terence Towles Canote of A Shroud of Thoughts, this is an awesome blogathon that covers classic television from the 1950's to 1990's. Check out the link because there are so many awesome posts covering classic shows we all loved and watched!

I’m excited to post a recap of an episode from The Green Hornet, a 1960's TV show starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee (yes THAT Bruce Lee!!) about a superhero duo who save the world by pretending to be a crime boss team that deals with the underworld.

The episode starts out with an Unnamed Guy in a telephone booth making a call to Britt Reed. The Guy tells Britt that he has big news about protection rackets that he wants to give to the Sentinel, the newspaper that Britt Reed runs. Britt relays the info to Kato and they head out.

Four dangerous gang members show up at the Golden Lotus. The Guy confronts Lo Sing, the gang leader, telling …

Howl’s Moving Castle Review

Howl’s Moving Castle
FILM PRODUCTIONS: Studio Ghibli YEAR: 2004 MY RATING: 4.5 out of 5

A couple weeks ago I made a New Year’s Resolution. Okay, it’s debatable if it was too late to be considered a New Yeardecision but the first 3-4 months of the year feel pretty new yearish to me. My goal was to watch and read stuff out of my usual comfort zone. I decided to read a manga, watch an anime and watch a Studio Ghibli movie.
Studio Ghibli films are no stranger in my house. My sister is a huge fan of the Japanese animated films (they’re considered the Disney of Japan) and has seen almost every single one of their movies. Lately she’s been showing my two brothers all the films. Suddenly I was interested in watching one myself. While this isn’t my first SG film, it’s been four years since I’d seen The Secret World of Arrietty, and I only went to the movie theater to take my sister there.

I adore whimsical films and my sister obviously knew what she was doing in suggesting this film. Howl’s Movin…