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Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – 7 Likes and Dislikes

So I saw Batman Vs. Superman the last week of March. I went with my siblings which, as always, was a lot of fun especially as we immediately discussed the movie once the credits started rolling, kept talking in the car, and then spent half an hour analyzing and dissecting the film once we got home. We got very loud, not because we were angry, lol, but we all had a lot to say and we all wanted to say it at once. Though our opinions differed on some aspects, overall we felt the same about a lot of the film.
As the movie has been out about a month now, I feel like this is a good time to post this. By now, fans who were dying to see the film already have so they won't have to worry about a spoilerish post.

Overall, I found the movie disappointing but I went in expecting to be disappointed, so I wasn’t surprised. My sister went with low expectations, though, and said it was better than she anticipated. So you can see there are some contradicting personal opinio…

That Romantic Moment! Series: Piggyback Ride

Back with another That Romantic Moment where I choose a favorite romantic gesture or action and pick moments from shows/films I've watched. This one is called Piggyback Ride. Very similar to the "carry the girl" version I did last time, however this one only has people carrying someone via the piggyback. While there's a lot of piggyback riding in K-dramas I couldn't really find any non-Korean movies that had it. I guess piggyback rides to most simple minds is more of a kid thing, but in K-drama land it's the epitome of romance, friends!
That Romantic Moment! Series: Piggyback Ride
A Cinderella Story The one American film I could find with a piggyback ride...  and it's really only for the poster. Hahaha
Can You Hear My Heart? The only way to walk in the park, friends.
Cheese in the Trap Hong Seol gets points for having two dudes escort her home. Of course her boyfriend gets to be the one to carry her.
Heartstrings "I'll just fall asleep here. Thanks.&…

Period Drama Challenge 2016: March Tag Questions

So far I've had a lot of fun being a part of Miss Laurie'sPeriod Drama Challenge. Since I posted a review for Rurouni Kenshin, a Japanese film set during the 19th century, in March, I have some March tag questions to answer! Definitely check out the March Drama List on Miss Laurie's website - there are so many great reviews, including Poldark, Miss Potter, Arabian Nights, and more!

 March Tag Questions: 
1. What period dramas did you view in March?
I'm so bad at remembering the films I watched, lol. For films I watched 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Sword of Destiny. I also rewatched Maleficent and started on the K-drama Jackpot (set during the late 17th-early 18th century).

2. What is your favorite period drama soundtrack?
This is SUCH a hard question! I listen to a lot of soundtrack music. I really love the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks.

3. If you could attend a ball in a Jane Austen story what would be the color of your ballgown…

And Even More Top Ten Couples! Part 2

Yay! Part 2 of TTC is here! More wonderful OTPs here that make me smile and want to re-watch way too many episodes.
Just so you know, my rating system is seriously biased. I may like a boring couple from a mediocre drama better than a glorious couple from a tear-inducing, heartbreaking drama just cause I’m that way (in layman’s terms: I’m crazy). Let the fun henceforth begin!
And Even More Top Ten K-Drama Couples!  (Part 2)
5.Queen Noguk & King Gongmin (Faith/The Great Doctor)                 I chose the lead couple from Faith in my first Top Ten K-drama Couples and now I have the secondary couple! I really lovestories of arranged marriages/marriages of conveniences where the couple falls in love along the way. Noguk and Gongmin start out with cold bitterness towards each other; he was forced to marry her as he’s a “puppet” king with little control, and she was forced to leave her home country of Yuan (then China). Their story was lovely and another reason I love the drama so much. …

Costumes Galore!

I'm staring another series: favorite film/drama costumes!! This is something that I could do for a very long time as I have endless costume favorites. I tried not to get too carried away for the first article but there's just SO MUCH pretty out there! Here are just a few. I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites - as well as your favorite costumes in other films!
Star Wars

This is probably my favorite of all of Padme's costumes. While I love her gigantic, bizarre gowns a lot, I like the simplicity of this one. It's very romantic and has a fantasy medieval-ish feel that I love.
Jupiter Ascending

 I enjoyed this movie despite it's typical story line. And I LOVED Jupiter's awesome space gowns. This is my favorite. It's just extravagant and awesome.

I adore this bright yellow salwar kameez (or churidar; I was having trouble deciding which one it is). It's just gorgeous.

AHHH I LOVE THIS DRESS! I always thought that the 80s fashion was…

Jackpot – First Impressions (Episodes 1 & 2)

Whoo! Jang Geun-Suk’s comeback drama is finally here!!
Jackpot, also known as Daebak, is a fusion saguek (a historical drama with some liberties taken) set during the reign of King Sukjong through King Yeungjo that tells the epic story of a fictional illegitimate prince Baek Dae-Gil, the gambling “king” of Joseon, who goes against his brother, King Yeungjo.
It’s been so long since I’ve seen a good saguek and Jackpot definitely looks like it has the makings to be a very immersive, exciting high stakes drama! Jackpot is only 24 episodes which is totes awesome-sauce since most historic dramas are dauntingly 50-plus. The first two episodes are a prologue, or backstory, of Prince Dae-Gil’s birth and the tension revolving around the unwanted prince’s arrival. (Spoilers ahead!)
Jackpot – First Impressions (Episodes 1 & 2)

The story starts out with Baek Dae-Gil meeting with Lee In-Jwa, a nobleman who just incited a revolt in 1728 against the king. The men have words, Dae-Gil warning In-Jwa…