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Good news (at least for me, lol) - I'm on vacation this week so there will be no Wednesday post. It's been a long time since I've taken any time off from work so I'm really happy to be relaxing for this week. :D

In place of a normal post, here are some links to posts that I've done recently on The Silver Petticoat Review...

Descendants of the Sun Review
10 Bollywood Films To Fall In Love With
Splash Splash Love Review

Inspiration, Hope and More to Come

It’s crazy how I can be way ahead of schedule, with posts written and saved three weeks ahead of time, and then before I know it I’ve out of posts and past my Wednesday deadline. And it’s not for lack of ideas, lol, because I have so many ideas spinning in my brain right now – upcoming reviews for K-dramas, movies, and fun lists of things I enjoy/like which will be coming up.
I don’t usually post reflective articles but of the many things swirling around in my mind, some inspirational words kept coming back to me.
After getting really sick recently, I pretty much spent my day on the couch staring at a TV, waiting to feel better. I watched a lot of boring shows, lol. One of the better highlights was an episode of Supergirl called Myriad. This is only the second episode I’ve seen of Supergirl, which seems like cute, campy superhero TV fare.
The episode revolved around Supergirl faced with two horrible choices – letting the people of the city be mind-controlled by a villain or destroyi…

That Romantic Moment! Series: Kissing in the Rain

That Romantic Moment! Series: Kissing in the Rain
This is such a memorable concept that I was surprised by how little I've actually seen it in films. Which means there need to more films that use this motif. At least I think so!
A Cinderella Story
Little Women
Hum Tum
Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Spiderman The iconic superhero kiss.
Singin' in the Rain