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The Three Musketeers (K-drama) Review

The Three Musketeers Review
TYPE: Korean Drama YEAR: 2014 EPISODES: 12 WHERE TO WATCH: Dramafever MY RATING: 9 out of 10
This is my fourth review for the Period Drama Challenge hosted byMiss Laurie!

Yes, I was destined to love this drama. After all, this is a re-imagined story of Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers novel and primarily about Joseon's (Korea) most intriguing prince, Crown Prince Sohyeon; how could I possibly resist? Of course, as per usual, I procrastinated for a while putting this K-drama on my Must-Watch-List. Finally, I decided to go ahead and watch it and of course I wondered why IN THE WORLD I waited so long!
Three Musketeers K-drama retells the familiar adventure story we all love with Park Dal-Hyang (D'artagnan) seeking a military job in the capital of Joseon (old Korea). There he meets the Crown Prince (Athos) and his guards, Heo Seung-Po (Porthos) and An Min-Seo (Aramis) who help out people secretly while using the alias the three musketeers. Dal-Hyang gets t…

News Train 2: Dragons and Giant Apes

More hodgepodge stuff of shows I’m anticipating and currently watching!
Upcoming Shows:
So I recently learned about The Magnificent Seven, a remake of the 1960’s version that originally starred Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen. I honestly have never watched the original but the remake looks pretty exciting. I like the idea of westerns (gunslingers, shoot-outs, saloon fights) but I’m not a fan of most of them as classic westerns are a little slow for my taste. However, this remake looks action packed PLUS (okay, the real reason I’m interested…) Chris Pratt is in it and Lee Byung-Hun!!
I honestly forgot about Kong: Skull Island until I was looking through Tom Hiddleston’s IMDB page. It’s an origin story on King Kong. Not exactly sure what that means but I’ve always liked the King Kong movies… and yes, the REAL reason I’m stoked is because Tom Hiddleston is starring! I mean, how can I resist? Hehe.
Current Shows:
Six Flying Dragons – still watching and only falling more in LOVE! This drama, h…

Victor Frankenstein Review

Victor Frankenstein Review Year: 2015 My Rating: 3/5
This is my third review for the Period Drama Challengehosted by Miss Laurie!
My sis and I often spend time together watching a lot of B flicks; movies that got low ratings that we still are interested in seeing, just not in theaters. One of our recent watches was Victor Frankenstein, the 2015 movie adaptation of Mary Shelley's famous work Frankenstein, starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

Overall, my feelings were mixed on this movie. As a period drama it had lovely and fun moments, beautiful costumes, and great actors but the story suffered from pacing issues and a less than dynamic plot and climax. Oh the climax, lol.
One of the biggest things that threw me off about the movie was actually the trailer! I had completely different expectations from the very exciting trailer that seemed to promise more of an action-adventure movie version of Frankenstein. While there were some action-packed moments in the film, they were f…

14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens

Here's the second part of 14 real queen portrayals with seven more awesome, sometimes tragic, and but always fascinating queens!
14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens, Part 2
Queen Marie Antoinette Country: Austria/France Year: 1755-1793 Favorite Portrayals: Marie Antoinette Why I Like Her: I don’t exactly like Marie Antoinette who seemed to be a vain, self-interested woman. However, I’ve always found her life intriguing and tragic, as a woman who really had no control over any issues in her life – from her marriage to the treatment of the French people. Obviously she could’ve made more sage personal decisions. Kirsten Dunst plays the queen in a gorgeous period drama Marie Antoinette. The drama feels lacking in any real emotion but it’s filled with amazing costumes and a nice glimpse into her life.
Queen Esther Country: Persia Year: 465 BC? Favorite Portrayals: One Night With The King Why I Like Her: I’ve always been fascinated with Esther’s amazing story in the Bible; a common girl becoming…

News Train!

A hodgepodge of info on shows I'm looking forward to and currently watching.

Upcoming Shows
I just found out that The Crown, a Netflix original costume drama about Queen Elizabeth II during her early adulthood, has an airdate! November 4th this gorgeous looking period piece will be coming out for Netflix users. Reportedly this is the most expensive show Netflix has done so far. I’m so pumped! Check out the trailer here.
Jeon Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho are coming together for a K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea! The hype over this K-drama is incredible; the writer produced the blockbuster K-drama You From Another Star (which starred Jeon Ji-Hyun) and the director previously directed Lee Min-Ho’s awesome drama City Hunter. The story will be based on the Hans Christiansen fairytale the little mermaid. I’m so excited for this one!
Scarlet Heart: Goryeo, the Korean remake of very popular Chinese drama Scarlet Heart (or Bu Bu Jing Xin) is going to air August 29! Lee Jun-Ki is back in saguek glo…

14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens

As cliche as it seems, I completely love stories about royalty. Double awesome are stories about real historical royals - the history lover inside me is always stoked for different portrayals! Since the lives of queens are often shadowed in mystery, I find it interesting to see their lives fleshed out onscreen. Here are the first seven portrayals of queens who really lived (or probably really lived) that I enjoyed:
14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens, Part 1

Queen Victoria
Country: England Year: 1819-1901 Favorite Portrayals:The Young Victoria Why I Like Her: As a strong woman who ruled England by herself for six decades, Victoria’s reign and personal life has always been fascinating. Emily Blunt stars as Victoria in The Young Victoria and I personally think she was perfection in this role bringing vulnerability, intelligence, and strength to the role. Victoria and Albert’s romance is the highlight to the film – so utterly sweet and perfect.

Queen Noguk Country: Yuan (China)/Goryeo (Korea) Y…