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Good 80s Movies!

I know what you’re thinking.

“Good movies were made in the 80s?”

Yes, I’ve thought the same thing for a long time. After all, the decade was full of unnecessarily dark, punk films and crazy fashion (shoulder pads, lots of bright yellow and pink, fanny packs, short-shorts on guys, the list goes on). 80s movies seared images in my mind of smokers with crazy perms or mullets wearing awful clothes, dealing with over the top angst issues, and all of the filming done at night. And then I actually took some time to think about it and realized… there were a lot of good movies from that decade; a few of them are even favorites that I’ve loved almost forever.

So here’s a reminder that there were some gems in the dark cave of the punk rock era. A few of these films even avoided looking extremely dated and are still beloved classics today! So here's a list of things the 80s did right... other than synthpop music and Cyndi Lauper singing Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

#1 Star Wars: The Empire St…

News Train 3: Trailers Galore!!

Yay! I’m finally back (I ended up moving and am finally getting settled into my new place) and oh my word, so my cool trailers that I saw today! Let the fangirling commence!!

Wonder Woman Admittedly I was pretty disappointed by Batman vs. Superman which I felt was terribly boring and confusing. This dampened my feelings about the upcoming Wonder Woman… until I saw the trailer. Oh my word!! This movie looks awesome! Period setting with awesome costumes, amazing Amazon warriors sword-fighting and on horses, Wonder Woman kicking butt and taking names, Chris Pine looking serious and dramatic! Seriously, I was blown away by how stunning and fascinating the trailer looked. I’ve wanted a girl superhero movie for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally coming true. DC, if this movie is anything like the preview you have seriously redeemed yourself!

Justice League I watched this trailer with a lot of skepticism… but once again, DC is totally blowing my mind! This trailer looks so promising wit…