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Fav Romantic Tropes: That Bad Romance!

Stories are made of many characters and relationships. Good, bad, and unusual. While most movies and shows have the romance between the hero and heroine, there are many that showcase a “bad romance” or one that isn’t naturally good for one of the parties (or both, lol) but is intriguing to watch. Sometimes this is a full on tragic romance, other times it’s just a hint of an unlikely pairing – like a super-heroine and a villain or vice versa.
As a viewer who primarily focuses on character-driven components in shows, the bad romance, if done well, can be an intriguing plot point that leaves you wondering what will happen next. I will add a disclaimer that I’m fully aware of the difference between reality and the fictional world… there’s obviously, absolutely no such thing as a fun or good “bad romance” in real life. Okay, now onto the fictional fun! (Also spoilers)

#1 Min Seok-Heon & Choi Mi-Yeon (Mask)
Seok-Heon and Mi-Yeon’s marriage was based totally on lies, manipulation and reveng…

K-Drama News: K2 Teaser Trailer!

So cool! TheK2 has released a teaser trailer!!! Drama fans rejoice!

The TvN drama stars Ji Chang-Wook as a bodyguard, Song Yoon-Ah as a presidential campaigner's spouse and Yoona as the secret illegitimate daughter of the same presidential campaigner.

The trailer is short but looks sleek and brimming with so much potential! Loving the stark colors!

~The K2 teaser trailer~

Upcoming! K-Dramas September 2016

September is just around the corner! With that thought in mind, I've decided to compile a list of K-dramas coming out next month! (I've been inspired by the lovely ladies at The Black Hat Cluband The Talking Cupboardwho also put out monthly drama lists. Thank you ladies!) For each drama, I have brief plot listed and also a will I watch where I discuss whether or not I'll be adding this to my Must-Watch-Drama List!

Fantastic September 2 Channel: JTBC Episodes: 16 Plot: Lee So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo) is a drama writer with a terminal illness who has a romance with an actor who can’t really act (Joo Sang-Wook).
Will I Watch? Hmm, interesting. I’m not a huge fan of super sad romances though, but this could prove to be both melodramatic and funny (what with Sang-Wook playing the bad actor, hehe). I’ll probably check out some recaps just to see what it’s like but I won’t be adding it to my list for right now.

Drinking Solo September 5 Channel: TvN Episodes: 16 Plot: A depiction of a group of…

News Train: Period Drama Kindred Spirits

Period drama kindred spirits await to be made!
Upcoming Shows:
Anne of Green Gables – Anne is getting a Netflix show! I am so excited about this! Of course, I don’t believe anything could really compare with the 80s movie… but this could still be SO GOOD!!! Also a show means there will be multiple episodes… think of how much they could put in the show that was in the book?
Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) – It’s ALMOST HERE FRIENDS! One more week! I am so excited for this time traveling reverse harem K-drama remake of the popular Chinese drama Scarlet Heart! It’s going to be EPIC! I will be writing recaps for the episodes on Silver Petticoat Review also! Super pumped!
Current Shows:
W – Worlds Collide – I heard so many good things about this drama I finally bit the bullet and started watching. This show is all kinds of fun with a comic book hero coming to life (think more of a manga/manhwa story, not a superhero comic)! The plot is twisty-turny fun and I seriously have no idea what’s goi…

Cinderella and the Four Knights: Episode 2 Recap

This episode delves more into the lives of our characters and the ensuing heartbreak that must happen to get them where they need to be. Because what honest and kind heroine ever chooses the easy path?
The Introduction

The story continues with Hye-Ji storming off after Ji-Woon’s money-tossing incident. Ha-Won purses Ji-Woon with an earnest reproof about his foolish use of money. He pushes her against a wall telling her to get lost for good. She returns the favor by shoving him against the wall and telling him to never touch her again – or die. Whoa. This heroine is rocking!

Hye-Ji and Ji-Woon ride off together into the darkness while Ha-Won strips off the jewelry and shoes (Cinderella moment!) that Hyun-Min gave her, stuffs it into his arms, and trudges home barefoot.
After that fiasco, Bodyguard Yoon-Sung is hard at work forcing Hyun-Min to shape up and go meet his “real fiancĂ©e”, an arranged marriage with a Super Rich Girl. Of course Hyun-Min doesn’t take the news well. Meanwhile Gr…

Memorable K-drama Music

Nothing makes a drama like music. It makes us feel swoony over the romance, giggly over the happy parts, drenched in tears through the tragedy, and rising above mountains with the epic. This isn’t an exhaustive list but just a few of favorite, memorable soundtrack music and songs written for dramas that only made me fall more in love with the drama.
Memorable K-drama Music
#1 Six Flying Dragons

Muiiya – The “theme” song of Six Flying Dragons if you will, there are many versions of this song with my favorite being the choir version (sadly, I can’t find any clips of that version on youtube), but actor Byun Yo-Han, who stars in the drama, does a heart wrenching rendition that is gentle, sad and full of longing. The lyrics for this song are also extremely emotional and fabulous as well.
Muiiya (v. 2) – another awesome version of Muiiya, but far more upbeat with a rock vibe and a lead singer with some great vocals at the end! Full of energy and excitement.
Song of Chungsan – another Byun Yo-Ha…

Cinderella and the Four Knights: Episode 1 Recap

Cinderella and the Four Knights is here! This K-drama recaptures the old fun from popular dramas like You're Beautiful and Boys Before Flowers with the "pretty boy" squad and plucky, poor heroine who wins all their hearts. The real question is, how will our Cinderella ever be able to choose? Here's a recap of the first episode!
The Introduction

The episode starts out with the heroine, Eun Ha-Won, whose life closely resembles that of Cinderella, working endless part-time jobs while dealing with a selfish step-mom and step-sister.

We also meet the three Kang grandsons: very different cousins who don’t get along at all. Kang Seo-Woo is the quieter cousin who focuses on his music. Kang Hyun-Min is a womanizer who is constantly breaking up with girls (and giving them expensive parting gifts to soften the blow, lol). Through flashbacks we see he’s been with his rich grandfather, CEO Kang, the longest. Kang Ji-Woon is the newest addition – he was found recently, the long-los…