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Upcoming! K-Dramas October 2016

Upcoming! K-Dramas October 2016
October is almost upon us! Fall weather, burnt orange colors, and loads of candy! Not to mention a new slew of K-dramas! Whoo! For each drama, I have brief plot listed and also a will I watch where I discuss whether or not I'll be adding this to my Must-Watch-Drama List!

Woman with a Suitcase October 3 Channel: MBC Episodes: 16 Trailer Plot: A legal drama, actress Choi Ji-Woo plays a woman who is framed for a crime she didn’t commit. After prison, she comes back as a lawyer and vengeance. Joo Jin-Mo plays a man who helps her.
Will I Watch? Hmm, not sure I'm really feeling this drama. I do like Choi Ji-Woo (she did a lovely job in Second Time Twenty Years) and I like the idea of a woman coming back from prison to take down those who framed her. But other than Choi Ji-Woo, there’s not much really pulling me in here, so I’m choosing no. I’ll still check out the recaps though on Dramabeans, so there’s always a chance I’ll get interested and watch the show…

Moon Lovers Ep 8 & 9 Recap

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 8 & 9 Recap
It’s hitting the fan now! In Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 8 & 9, Hae-Soo decides to help 4th Prince change his fate only to regret the path she realizes she’s set him on. Hit the jump for all the squeeing and tears over the latest episodes of Scarlet Heart Ryeo…

Click Your Heart Review

Click Your Heart Review
I love stumbling upon cute little shows. I found this one on Netflix when Iwas looking for something short to watch – because quite often I don’t have time to watch a full hour-long episode. The show looked promising and delivered a very sweet story about a shy high school heroine and four different love stories.
True to its original web-series format, it has seven short episodes – running approx. 12 minutes each. The series was put together by FNC Entertainment on Naver TVCast as a PR vehicle for their new “dance” idol group Neoz. The heroine is played by AOA member Min-Ah. Because the show is mainly a way for FNC to introduce the new group members – the actors use their real names for their characters.
The Characters:

Kwon Min-Ah – an introverted transfer student who feels responsible for anything “bad” that accidentally happens when she’s with people

Kim Da-Won – Min-Ah’s sweet childhood friend who stands up for her

Kim Ro-Woon – the baseball player that everyon…

Moon Lovers Ep 6 & 7 Recap

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 6 & 7 Recap
A sudden arranged marriage, a desperate escape attempt – Hae-Soo’s life takes an unexpected turn. Will the royal princes be able to help her? Read on for more tidbits and feelings from the latest Scarlet Heart Ryeo episodes…!

K-Drama News: More The K2 Teasers!

Yayyy! A longer The K2 teaser was released. And dang! Ji Chang-Wook is kicking butt and taking names. This TvN show is promising to be boss and totally intense... and I can't wait!

I've seen a lot of people comparing The K2 to City Hunter which I love because City Hunter was friggin' boss!

You can check out the trailer HERE.
Also, a cool behind the scenes video of a super buff Ji Chang-Wook practicing his crazy stunts HERE.

10 Valuable Websites for K-drama Fans

10 Valuable Websites for K-drama Fans
I’m always on the lookout for more sources for K-dramas – news sites, reviews, recapping, information, licensed video sites, you name it! Over the years I’ve found (and stumbled upon) websites that have been super valuable as a K-drama fan. Here’s a list of 10 websites that are great for new and old K-drama fans.
Primary Source:
I’ve been a member of Dramafever for three years and I love them. They have a HUGE selection of K-drama/movie favorites (and even British, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese dramas) all in excellent quality. They also have exclusively licensed popular new dramas. The videos can be viewed by non-members, however HD viewing and no commercials require signing up. It’s basically $4/mo. membership and totally worth it for a drama fan!
Primary Source: Videos
VIKI is another great video site with a huge selection of K-dramas. Since the K-dramas are fansubbed, there’s often more information in the subtitles a…

K-Drama Kiss Countdown!

Will there be a kiss in this drama? It’s a question I always ask myself. I mean, aren’t we all asking this life-changing question every time we tune into our drama? The zenith moment of a drama revolves around the kiss!

Since its hands down my favorite moment of a romance, I’ve put together a list of some of the most memorable kisses in K-drama-land for me. I have plenty of other favorites as well (okay, I’m just happy if a drama has one!) and some dramas have multiple ones that I love (which is the greatest joy of my romantic-watching-K-drama-existence!!), but I chose ones that we’re stand out moments. Let the countdown begin! Also spoilers, friends!

Also thanks to Kay at K-drama Kissesfor inspiring me! Check out her awesome blog where she has a whole page dedicated to her favorite K-drama kisses
#10 Three Musketeers

#theyfinallykissed shipped the heck out of this two despite the prince’s often indifference to his PERFECT adorable wife, oh my gosh! Finally, he kissed her and my hea…

Moon Lovers Ep 4 & 5 Recap

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 4 & 5 Recap
Scarlet Heart Ryeo continues to up the drama and romance as our heroine, Hae-Soo, has a forbidden romance with 8th Prince. Meanwhile, 4th Prince is quietly falling for the spunky Hae-Soo.

Moon Lovers Ep 2 & 3 Recap

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 2 & 3 Recap
More recapping excitement! Things are heating up over in saguek land and I'm loving this new take on the Chinese Scarlet Heart drama. Find out why Lee Joon-Ki is torturing my heart with his puppy dog eyes!

Moon Lovers Ep 1 Recap (The Silver Petticoat Review)

Moon Lovers Episode 1 Recap
Yay! I've started recapping Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart Ryeo on The Silver Petticoat Review! This is the first time I'm doing a recap of an entire series. Check out all my excited and gushy feelings for this K-drama!