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8 Swoonworthy Tropes To Love

I watch a lot of romances.
Fairly obvious since I’m an avid K-drama fan! And while my favorite genres are action-adventure and epic historical, I still want a good romance in every show I watch.
So whether I’m watching a rom-com like Runaway Bride or the latest K-drama or American TV show, there are romantic tropes that are universally used. While tropes can be hit or miss (it really depends on how it’s used), no story is without them. And some of these tropes, well, they get us more than others. Like we’re throwing our popcorn aside and screaming because a swoon-worthy moment JUST HAPPENED!!
So I started thinking about tropes/moments that I react to with the most swoony, happy feels. Here it is – take note drama writers. I’ll be watching and loving! Hehe
#1 The Kiss(es) Yes, I’m like any romance watcher… on the edge of my seat waiting for the kiss of true love to happen. And the more kisses, the merrier. Even Confucius would have to agree with that one!
Worthy Portrayal: W – Worlds Collid…

2016 Year In Review: Shows & Movies I Watched

I seriously can’t believe 2017 is almost here! How did this even happen??

No, really, I need scientific explanation of the increasing speed of time!
Looking over 2016, I have to say I watched a lot of enjoyable shows and movies. Some I was anticipating since 2015 and others I just decided to take a chance on and surprisingly fell in love. Sure, not every drama was great. Some were merely tolerable and I finished them for one reason or another (or dropped them, heh). Here’s a look at the movies and shows that captivated me this year (note: I’m only listing dramas that came out in 2016)!
2016 SHOWS

Cheese in the Trap - How is this possible? It’s  (sorta) almost a year since I watched this immensely popular and heavily criticized drama! Cheese in the Trap’s imminent draw was how different it was from your typical K-drama. The first episode startled me with a hero that felt more like a villain (blame the danger music playing every time he walked onscreen lol); but that was also the show’s big…

2016 Year in Review: K-dramas Meet Fairytales

Looking over the year of dramas I’ve watched, I was struck by an undeniable theme: fairytales. I’ve always adored fairytales and finding that connection really excited me. Some drama had fairytale themes that were merely coincidental; others were intentional; but the motifs were hard to ignore in either. So I’m calling 2016 the year of the K-drama fairytale! Here’s a list of six popular fairytales re-imagined in K-dramas.
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo- I was surprised it took me more than halfway through the show before I realized that this was obviously a Beauty and the Beast story with 4th Prince, the beast; hiding his unwanted “hideous” features (his scar) behind a mask. Hae-Soo is the gentle Beauty who loves him as he is and even becomes trapped in the palace. Her love helps him change and grow.
Cinderella and the Four Knights- I mean Cinderella is in the title, haha. The Cinderella theme is really prominent in the first two episodes, complete with Hyun-Min being h…