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News Train: Anne, Night Light, Liar Game & More!

Time to chat about the current shows and movies I’m watching at the moment as well as those that I’m looking forward to!
News Chat

K-drama Night Light starring Lee Yo-Won and Uee will be getting released in the U.S. on Netflix Valentines’ Day. I really like this cast, however still uncertain if this drama is going to be able to come together well.
Anne of Green Gablesis getting a Netflix series!! Said to be “grittier” lol, whatever that means beats me. However, I’m super excited for this new take on the series. Look for Anne on Netflix in March. Source
Running Man won’t be cancelled!! I hadn’t expected this at all. If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ve probably heard all the chaos about how two cast members were fired off the show without even being properly told. Apparently, the cast members and production managers had a meeting and decided to continue the show. I have to admit my feelings are slightly mixed about this. I love that the show is continuing… Running Man has been a favori…

5 Favorite Real Life Celebrity Bromances

Well, I love bromances! (I even dedicated an article to 15 fictional bromances, cuz they awesome yo!). And what’s more fun than finding real-life bromances? I mean, it’s so adorable watching videos of besties and seeing all their happy rapport. Perhaps growing up with four siblings and being super close with them makes me love close friendships even more. Because having a bestie is always awesome!
Here are some great bromances (that also are adorable and make me happy):

#1 Lee Kwang-Soo & Kim Jong-Kook Yesss! I love them so much. I’ve been a huge fan of the K-variety show Running Man for years, but I didn’t initially know about Kwang-Soo and Jong-Kook’s bromance. Onscreen they were usually silly and exaggeratedly antagonistic towards each other for humor. Then I started seeing videos and articles about how often they hung out offset and their vocal bro-love for each other. Jong-Kook cameoed in one of Kwang-Soo’s movies and Jong-Kook had Kwang-Soo dance on his new Turbo release song. …

The Best Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen story.
I mean, it isbasically perfection.
Since the novel’s debut 204 years ago (I know right!!), there have been countless adaptations and interpretations of the romantic tale. And with that we have been given many wonderful versions of the ever fascinating Mr. Darcy.
Here’s a look at the many Mr. Darcys to have graced the screen. You can vote at the end for your favorite as well!

#1 Matthew McFayden – Pride and Prejudice 2005 Talented actor Matthew McFayden does a wonderful job as Mr. Darcy. The take on the character is more misunderstood than prideful, with Darcy never intentionally doing anything hurtful. Whether this was chosen because of lack of screen time or just for a sweeter take on the character, McFayden won all our hearts with his perfect, darling smile. Yay for Mr. Darcy!

#2 Matthew Rhys – Death Comes to Pemberley I didn’t expect much from this BBC take on the continuing story of the Darcys, but I was pleasantly surprised with an e…

The Man Living In Our House Review

The Man Living In Our House Review YEAR: 2016 EPISODES: 16 WHERE TO WATCH: VIKI WHERE TO GET RECAPS: Dramabeans My Rating: 4 out of 5
The Man Living In Our House, even with its unusual storyline, is a pretty typical rom-com adventure. But there’s something about this show that clicked with me. I really think it hinged on the fact that it had several tropes that I dearly love to squee over, which is why I fell so in love.
So this is going to be a hodgepodge review; a medley of feels and emotions that I’ve strung together on why I love this K-drama. And of course, I’ll acknowledge its flaws, which it had plenty of.
Summary: Hong Na-Ri returns home after her mother’s recent death to find a young man living in her house, claiming that he’s her stepfather. Na-Ri now obsesses over finding out if this stranger is a con-man trying to take her mother’s land or legitimately her mother’s husband.
First off, yes, the plot is unusual. He’s her step-father? I found the idea both amusing and obviously worris…

News Train - Vampires, Mermaids, and Rogues

Welcome! It’s that time again – where I talk current shows and movies I’m watching at the moment!
Current Shows I’m Watching
Legend of the Blue Sea – I’m enjoying this sweet and funny fairytale retelling. This show may not be as addictive as My Love From Another Star (which starred the same leading actress Jeon Ji-Hyun and has the same writer) but it’s fun, silly, romantic and more heartfelt as the show goes on.
Hwarang – I thought I would hate it. I actually kinda love it. But not for the reasons I thought I would first. Initially I had hoped for a more accurate portrayal of the Hwarang, more in vein of Queen Seondeok (which wasn’t that accurate, but still). This show is more spoofy and silly, but it balances that well with intensity and emotion. I really like the three leads. Hopefully the show continues to be fun and funny!
Movies I Watched
Star Wars: Rogue One – not a bad film. Better than I expected. But I can’t imagine ever wanting to see it again, as it was rather boring and unemoti…