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Heroines in Disguise: Cross-Dressing Trope

Historically, it’s not been easy for women living in a man’s world. Both history and fiction have numerous stories of women skirting society restrictions in disguise.
In 17th century Europe, Shakespeare’s plays As You Like It and Twelfth Night gave us two of the most memorable tales of women disguising themselves as men. In 12th century China, The Ballad of Mulan tells us of a young woman who risks her life to take her father’s place as a soldier.
The trope continues to be a popular device, particularly in historical stories, to allow female characters to do things and go places that would’ve been prohibited. Sometimes these shows give us a dramatic tale (like Mulan) and others some humorous escapades (like Twelfth Night). I also enjoy seeing how much effort the show will put in making it convincing – some of these stories force the audience to bring a huge amount of suspension of disbelief as they cast a stunning model and even let her wear makeup!
Here are 12 different stories of h…

Like for Likes

I've been in a movie slump for awhile, mainly watching dramas. So I wasn’t planning on watching this, but then I saw Yoo Ah-In on Like for Likes poster on Dramafever! Of course I had to check out this film right away!
The romantic film focuses on six different couples – a young actor and an older screenwriter, a restaurant owner and his landlady, and a songwriter and drama producer as they connect through Facebook and fall in love.
The movie has been likened to Love Actually (which I haven’t seen) with the concept of several different romance stories being told through different people, some who are friends.
The movie was enjoyable and fun to watch, though it never strayed from typical rom-com territory. With six main characters in 120 mins’ run time, there wasn’t much time to really grow the romances organically or show much, if any, emotional development. Still I liked seeing familiar K-actors on-screen together and enjoyed several of the characters.
My favorite of the 3 romanc…

K-drama Fun: Dream Show & Cast Pt. 2

My second K-drama dream casting!
This time I have a favorite movie that I think needs a K-drama rendition! (After all, there’s already a Bollywood version!)
June Havens is flying home when she unknowingly crosses paths with a secret agent, Roy Miller. When the CIA think June’s assisting Roy, she ends up on the run with him. Despite her constant questioning if Roy is really dangerous or not, the twosome fall in love amidst car chases, shoot-outs, secret hideaways and dangerous train rides.
This is one of my favorite rom-coms! It’s a hilarious blend of action spy flick with zany romantic comedy! The movie has a lot of great, entertaining moments with most of them revolving around the ever-mysterious and adorably-polite secret agent Roy Miller. I think the cast is extremely important as it could make or break the show. Tom Cruise was essentially the glue of the original film, not only because of his solid acting but because of his previous work in spy films. I mean when you th…

Random Fun & Thoughts for March

Just my random thoughts thrown together in a melting pot and then splattered onto Word doc in the wonder of abstract art!
Recapping Again

I’m super excited to be recapping again. I was anticipating Strong Woman Do Bong Soon for a little while now and I’m enjoying the show now that is has aired. The 3 leads are pitch-perfect. This is my first Park Bo-Young drama and she is absolutely and utterly adorable. I love her. You can check out my recaps HEREon The Silver Petticoat Review.
Writing Struggles
How to decide what to write? This is something I’ve been struggling with for months and months! I have literally over 10 story ideas (written out on excel) that I like. Equally. I mean every time I think, “I’ll just do this story. I’m going to do it.” Then a couple hours later, I’m second guessing and decide I need to rethink the whole thing and choose another story.
Not to mention I really struggle with editing/post 1st draft stories. Everyone says just write so you can get the first draft do…