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I’m Back (and 3 Dream Goals That I Achieved)!

I’m Back (and 3 Dream Goals That I Achieved)!
So you’re in that grove. You’re posting weekly for months. And then wham!!
Space apocalypse happens and you’re picked by monkey aliens on Mars as the CHOSEN ONE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!! This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last month – instead of writing any posts.
Or… I was just busy. Lol. With life. And work. And my sister’s wedding. In which I was the maid of honor.
Yes, I had to write a speech. And I’d never been in a wedding before. I was nervous. But everything came together so beautifully. Honestly best memories ever of her and her husband exchanging vows. However, I didn’t cry.
But I did get sad after she left realizing that the sister I lived with for decades and was as close to a twin (but not a twin) as could be… was going so far north. Thank God for the blessing of phones and messages and Instagram and Snapchat and all that jazz. It’s amazing how we can connect from so far away these days.
Just like right now as I’m writ…